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developing news in san jose. we are going to show you the scene where police shot a woman they say tried to run them over. good evening. i'm ama dates. dan ashley has the night off. >> i'm carolyn johnson. that woman is expected to survive. officers say they had no open fe again. this all happened next to the
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aladen expressway. this is the third police shooting in san jose this month raising questions tonight about police tactics. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is there for us. thomas? >> carolyn, anytime a police officer shoots someone, the police department takes it seriously. that's why san jose police are still working this crime scene. they have also closed off almaden road between willow glen way and willow road. goinvestigation has been going on for the past six and the evidence technicians poured over the road. from sky 7hd we can see the red honda that was involved in the shooting incident in the driveway of a home. san jose police spokesman says officers were checking out reports of a stolen car seen in the neighborhood. >> when the officers approached the vehicle, the driver immediately reversed the vehicle and pulled forward and striking the officer. >> that's when the officers
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made a split-second decision. >> discharged his firearm and striking the driver at least once. the passenger did sustain an injury. unknown that is whether or not that was part of the gunfire. >> the driver was a woman and her male companion were not identified. both went to the hospital, but police say they hillary cover. the officer was not seriously hurt. almaden was closed at 4:30 when the shooting happened. many people coming home from work were surprised to see so many police officers. while inconvenient the incident doesn't bother her. >> it was a great neighborhood. i still feel comfortable living here jie. this is the third time an officer has shot someone. but police insist they don't have a choice. >> you think it is different and they will be investigated as we normally do as a matter of protocol? >> the red honda involved in the shooting was towed away and the incident was investigated by homicide
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detectives and the district attorney's office. the officer who fired the shot is now on paid administrative leave during the investigation. live in san jose, thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you, thomas. new at 11:00, four kids one just 13 years old lead peninsula police on a chase down highway 101. the three teenage boys and girl all from san jose are now accused of stealing a car and running from cops. sky 7hd was over the scene as the chase ended. the 14-year-old boy from behind the wheel started running from police after they spotted the stolen car. we have changes coming in our weather. let's get to cabbed yaw patel -- let's get to sandhya patel. >> sze seen sprinkles -- we have seen sprinkles and now we seeing quite a bit of cloud cover, and we are also seeing some fog down below. check out the visibility. it has dropped to a quarter of a mile. as you look at this view you
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can see it is murky out there. you will want to give yourself some extra time for the morning commute. not only fog, but clouds and sprinkles and temperatures in the 50s. showers in the forecast for the holiday weekend. we will have a time line coming up. ama? >> a little girl from san rafael showed big bravery when she was shot with an arrow while visiting the lawrence halve science. this is the x ray of the girl's leg. you can see the arrow went all the way through. cornell bernard spent time with the young victim and joins us live from berkeley with the story. >> reporter: police continue to search neighborhoods above the lawrence halve science for clues into who ever shot an eight-year-old girl with a crossbow arrow. tonight the young victim is talking and telling a very scary story. >> i was just planning on going on the trip. >> reporter: shooy is home from the hospital and -- >> she is home from the hospital and showing off the
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band she got after the doctors removed a very large 20-inch arrow from her leg. >> i didn't know where it came from. so it was really strange to have an arrow in my leg. >> how bad did it hurt? >> it hurt really bad. >> nadine was on a class field trip on tuesday in the berkeley hills she was playing on this whale replica when uc berkeley police say she was shot by a crossbow. >> i don't know if they were aiming for me or the whale. >> police don't know either. a search of the area found similar arrows in the surrounding hills, but authorities don't know if they are linked to nay dean's case. doctors removed the arrow which luckily missed vital arteries. she stayed calm through it all singing songs with her teacher. >> i was in the ambulance with my teacher. we were listening to taylor swift and singing the song to keep calm. >> did that help?
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>> it helped a lot. >> until we got there pictured a small arrow going through her. i didn't picture what i saw. >> nadine's mom is proud she was so brave. they hope they catch who ever shot that arrow. >> it wasn't nice at all. >> if you have they information on this case you can see berkeley police really want to hear from you. she plans to go back to her third grade class in san rafael. she is a very smart and a very brave little girl. live in the berkeley hills, cornell bernard, abc news. >> she is. thanks, cornell. one day after the same sex ban on marriage, carolyn tyler >> what was going through your mind as you sat in courtroo the courtroom today? >> i felt very serious.
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>> 83-year-old edie windsor is the face behind the lawsuit, the challenge to the defensive marriage act. doma denies benefits from legally married couples. >> are you saying, there are two kinds of marriages, the full marriage and then the skim milk marriage. >> the court is expected to meet to take a first vote. if they don't decide to rehear the case, they will begin crafting a decision, but we are not likely to hear the decision until late june. we have posted the audio from today's hearing at you will find it under see it on tv. and there are major safety concerns about the bay bridge construction project. defects were discovered and large bolts and rods designed to hold the bridge together during an earthquake. 30 giant metal bolts snapped when the workers tightened the
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fittings. the bolt systems are beneath the roadway decks as shown in this cal trans animation. so far 96 rods have been tightened and about one-third has failed. >> the bridge will not open. when it hopes it will be safe. >> they have a third party review group. some of the best engineers in the world that actually helped them determine whaton will be solution will be and how they will implement it. >> one idea is to put a collar around the rod to reinforce them in case of earthquake. that is just 159 days from now. stay with abc7 news and for the latest updates as construction continues. a caw they'd yen man accused of flying into sfo to meet a 16-year-old girl is back in jail tonight on child sex charges. san mateo police arrested 26-year-old adam ulet from calgary after learning through on-line conversations he planned to see the girl for exis.
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he made bail that -- for sex. he made bail and then was arrested in san diego on charges of attempted statutory rape. you might think a living trust would protect you and your property. >> the family home. i have been living here >> up years. >> up next, a case that is raising questions about how those plans can be changed by others. the abc7 news i team investigates what happened to a family who thought their trust was rock solid. >> and a tour of a ghost town. a car for google street maps takes a tour through one such city. >> and then on "jimmy kimmle live" the great bruce willis is sitting right here. look at him. isn't he magnificent? >> thank y
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we are told to protect our assets with things like living trusts and wills. a case in santa clara county is raising questions about when your plans can be changed by someone else possibly against your wishes. abc7 news i team reporter dan noyes who has been looking into the role of the public
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guardian, and he has this report tonight. >> in early february 85-year-old grace was in a santa clara county courtroom surrounded by people arguing over what she wants. >> share those wishes to the public guardian's office. >> at the center of the dispute is where she will live and what will happen to her assets. she currently stays in an assisted living facility paid for by medical, but owns this house in san jose. >> this is a family home. i have been living here for 30 years. >> grace's son, anthony, has been fighting over control of his mother. stacks of legal documents on the dining room table show five years of court filings. grace was conserved by santa clara county in 2008 after a court found the accusations credible that her son and now deceased husband misused her money and were not taking care of her. >> lies and insin you weighingses. they have no fact base. >> the only reason we are in this situation right now in my
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opinion is because that is -- the father and the the son pushed it to this point. kemp met grace while dating anthony. she and grace remained friends even after the couple split up. grace asked for help because she didn't think anthony had her best interest in mind. >> he was unwilling to take care of her the way a son should. >> she points out grace filed for a temporary restraining order against her own son in 2008. in court filings she wrote about two months ago he shoved me and he makes fun of me because i stutter. he told me i belong in a nursing home and i am not well. grace ultimately dropped her request for the restraining order. >> my mother loves me. we care about each other. i visit her all the time. >> the biggest fight is over the family trust set in 2005. the only asset is the family home. anthony believes the special needs clause in the trust protects the house from being
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liquidated to care for his mother's medical need. the court removed him from trusty because of a conflict of interest and anthony was to inherit the house. >> it has been assaulted by the court system. >> he was removed as trusty, but the six foot appellate court ruled against him. now they want to take out a reverse mortgage and to pay for her medical care. >> the reverse mortar gemming is almost a death sentence when it comes to the home. once the reverse mortgage is put on and once the person passes away you have the situation where the house must be sold. >> he says taking out a reverse mortgage goes against one of the reasons that grace created the trust. >> it is very clear her intent was to be put on medical and it was to protect whatever assets she may or may not have had at the time to be given to
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her heirs. >> anthony gave us this video of his mother. >> i don't want a reverse mortgage on the house. >> the county contends the only way she can move home is a reverse mortgage. her son says she is in no condition to move back to the house. he says she will receive better care in assisted living. >> it is about her desire and not about inheritance and not what is going to happen after her death. that is the primary issue in this case. >> tomorrow morning grace will have a chance to tell a judge where she wants to live. anthony worries his mom might be too medicated to answer questions and the county may hae influenced her decision. we will be in court to tell you how it plays out. for the i team, dan noyes, abc7 news. google is giving all of us a first look in the japanese town ravaged by a sue you gnaw me and nuclear -- tsunami and nuclear power plant melt
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down. 21,000 people used to live here before the 2011 tsunami and nuclear leak pushed them out. residents won't be able to return for years, but at least they can now get a virtual peek at home. >> startling images. let's get a check on our forecast now. >> that's right. sandhya patel has been keeping tabs on it. >> that's right. let me show you live doppler 7hd right now. let's show you what is happening in the atmosphere. it is a cloud cover overhead, and now we are starting to see a few showers off the coastline here. could amount to a few sprinkles tonight. i wanted to show you from our heavenly camera. you kwan see the clouds -- you can see the clouds gathering over lake tahoe. scattered showers for tomorrow. if you are heading up to the sierra nevada for the holiday weekend, i want to let you know that they could be seeing snow showers over the higher passes.
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here is a view and we have some clouds around and we have patchy fog around. give yourself some time for the morning commute. 54 degrees and oakland at 58 and it is 57 if san jose. here are the highlights, chance of sprinkles tomorrow. a brief warm up for your friday and then scattered showers are in the forecast for this holiday weekend. here is the pacific satellite picture. we have been seeing a lot of cloud cover and we will see mostly cloudy skies as we head into tomorrow. a couple of systems are still approaching a few sprinkles. you will see on the computer animation when you may see those drop. tonight could see a few drop, but as we head to 5:00 a.m., scattered in nature if we see any sprinkles for the thursday morning start. then in the afternoon it is more isolatedature, but nature,t this is just the beginning. as you look at the computer animation and taking you to the weekend if you are making plans the area of low pressure will get closer to the coast. saturday afternoon looks like
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showers, and then sunday morning easter sunday, 6:00 a.m., sunrise services if you are heading there, carry your umbrellas, scats terred showers -- scattered showers for the morning and evening hours. the easter egg hunts might be fine for saturday, but sunday does president look so great right -- doesn't look so great for the outdoor ones. overnight temperatures with the cloud cover is comfortable. numbers in the upper 40s to the mid50s. once again the fog may reduce your visibility tomorrow morning. give yourself a little more time. the afternoon highs, 62 in san francisco. 67 napa and 64 degrees in clear lake as you head out to oakland. 70 in antioch and san jose, 68 in palo alto and 70 in santa cruz. temperatures where you should be for this time of year. tomorrow is game one of the bay bridge series. giants are taking on the a's at at&t park at 7:15 and 57
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degrees. the temperatures fall mid50s by 10:00 p.m. i would take a jacket if i were you. from sprinkles to a dryer day. maybe some showers on easter sunday. after that we dry it out. live doppler 7hd is on twi is what you want to follow for the latest bay area conditions rain or shine. get spare the air alerts and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. we are all tweeting here. let me just tell you. >> we are. thank you, sandhya. mike shumann is in for larry and giving some sports. >> all good things must come to an end. and the warriors didn't fair much better. they beat them for the third time in four tries. we'll show you how
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the warriors hosting sacramento tonight, and they were handed a royal flush by the kings. the lost leaves the magic number at six games. david lee bobblehead night. west and russell, two of the
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best of all time. kings at a 12-2 lead and cousins had 14 on the night. warriors passing the rock lead. he knows how to finish. moments later and klay thompson slams it home. 20 points and 10 boards. eye -- isaiah thomas lead them including five three pointers. sacramento up by 11 head nooght fourth quarter. warriors try to keep it close. then he gets a loose ball and scoops it in. the warriors down pour, but the kings hold on to win it 105-98 your final. the miami heat looking to extend their win streak. all good things must come to an end. that's worth another look. he pulls up 63-ict-- 63-62. bulls put an end to the second
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longest win streak 101-97 was the final. >> very fortunate and humbled and blessed to be a part of a team like this and a streak like that. it was one of the best the league has ever seen. we recognize that. >> the 71-72 lakers have the record at 33 games. stanford women in the sweet 16 for the 20th time in school history facing georgia and spokane on saturday night. stanford won two games beating tulsa in an off night and then hammering michigan with a team record of 12, three's. >> these first two games have taught us to focus on the little things. we saw two different teams and i feel like that will help us, that experience will help us know how to handle situations no matter what talent we are presented with. we are very prepared and we will be prepared and hopefully we can stick with our game plan. >> sharks hosting the ducks.
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all of a sudden the men in teal have found their offensive game. it starts a minute into the contest. from behind the net. sneaky little guy. sharks are up 1-0. still in the first and marlow with a one timer past hiller. marlow's team leading 16th goal gave the sharks a 2-0 lead. san jose's offense was purring. how about that slapshot. sharks go on to beat the ducks for the second time this week. kevin foster leads santa clara to the invitational final where they will face george mason and the best of three series. this report brought to you by river rock casino. we have the nit and a college basketball invitational. everybody gets to go to a urn it it -- to a tournament at the end of the year. >> up next, one of the
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here is a look ake u your wake up forecast. mostly cloudy skies. we are looking at a few sprinkles, patchy fog, upper 40s to low 50s. at 8:00 a.m., low to mid50s. as you check out live doppler
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7hd, a few sprinkles off the coast. lisa argen in with mike niko. and she will be tracking any sprinkles. >> thanks. a colorful celebration in india. >> this is the holy festival that marks the start of spring and all of the colors that come withwit. >> and these are photos from southeast india where children celebrate by throwing brightly colored powder. and you can get in on the action as well. there is a two-day festival next weekend at stanford right here in our own backyard. >> sand you -- sandhya tells us this is one of the more frightening ideas. "jimmy kimmle live" is next jie. and backpacks with machine gun power. should our kids be dressing in gear fit for a s.w.a.t team? i'm ama dates. thank you for watching. >> and i'm carol lip johnson. carolyn johnson.
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the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 and we are always available at and on twitter thi
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more as a top executive, a man or woman? and who says thongs are wrong? i don't know about me. the seller of skimpy undergarments marketing sexy stuff to young girls. actually, that is wrong. i'm glad i didn't say anything. marketing it to young girls. actually that is wrong. glad i didn't say anything. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ ♪ what you wish for because you just might get it ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather -- brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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